The La Esperanza dam has a reservoir of 2,500 hectares. On its shores there are areas for the amusement of visitors. Photo Tourism La Esperanza dam.

Talking about the La Esperanza dam is talking about rural tourism, entertainment, an encounter with nature. The mirror of water captivates whoever reaches its shores or who crosses a kind of bridge in the upper part of the reservoir. The La Esperanza dam is far from the noise of the city and is located 15 kilometers from the center of Calceta, in the Quiroga rural parish of the Bolívar canton, in the province of Manabí.

This corner currently has a large number of visitors; It has become the favorite of nature lovers, because in the area you can go hiking, boat rides, kayaking, camping in more direct contact with the flora and fauna of the site. Even on weekends there is a dance and party area. One of the visiting points is the jetty, but there are other places.

Flavor Island

represa La Esperanza

The sunsets are dreamlike at the La Esperanza dam. One of its must-see attractions there is Flavor Island.

Calceta "La Sin Par" is the prelude to rural tourism, it is the door to the La Esperanza dam. Those who come to the dam, built to provide water for human consumption and irrigation, find some alternatives to enjoy such as taking a canoe to soak up the first stop, the so-called Isla del Sabor, located a few minutes from the area boarding.

Surrounded by trees and cool cabins, Isla del Sabor is the ideal place to disconnect from the world and strengthen the relationship with nature. “It transmits peace, its waters are clean, it is a sublime landscape that completely captivates you”, says Jordi Solórzano, tour guide.

He points out that around the island there are rest areas with hammocks over the water, rustic swings and spaces for selling Creole food. He affirms that it is not necessary to book a complete tour, since the island has exclusive canoes for the transport of its clients. Admission to small rides is $1 per person.

Rami Ranch

represa La Esperanza

At the Rami ranch, visitors can bathe, have Creole food, music and hammocks on the banks of the dam.

After a short journey from the pier located at the foot of the dam, you will reach the next stop, the Rami ranch, another tourist attraction in La Esperanza.

This space stands out for its majestic saman trees, whose gigantic crowns protect tourists from the sun, providing them with shade and rest, while reflecting their silhouette in the water.

“The scenery that our eyes live is magnificent, the clear and blue sky full of enormous white clouds, the crystalline waters; around it, innumerable amount of green areas and mountains and the song of the birds, falls in love”, details Freddy Loor, in charge of welcoming tourists to the ranch.

For Freddy, being born in that land is a blessing. He remembers that his childhood had good moments, because at Rancho Rami the trees have always been strong and perhaps that is why the tradition of children climbing them is still preserved. "I saw the best sunsets from up in a tree and the perfect seal from above was to take a good dip," Loor externalizes.

La represa La Esperanza

On the banks of the dam there are cabins and other rest areas for tourists to share.

Beautiful view

Turismo en la presa La esperanza

Visitors from Manabí and other provinces of the country come to the dam; some ride in canoes.

There is another tourist stop, in addition to the island of Sabor and Rami ranch. It is the Vista Hermosa restaurant farm to enjoy a variety of Creole food prepared at the moment and after an appetizing lunch rest in the cozy hammocks tied to the trees located on the shores of the La Esperanza dam. Ideal for tourism.

The site is that place where everyone would like to sit down to eat. There are some food stalls there, one of them Aroma a Campo, with its owner Mercedes Loor. She prepares typical Manabita dishes; Their specialty is from Tonga, wrapped in banana leaves and made up of dried chicken, sauce with stew, rice and toasted peanuts.

“Our star dish and the most requested is the tonga, which we offer at a price of $5. We prepare it immediately and the not-so-secret secret is the toasted corn,” the owner of Aroma a Campo comments with a laugh.

Turismo en la presa La esperanza

Visitors from Manabí and other provinces of the country come to the dam; some ride in canoes.

Mercedes provides more details on the preparation of the dish. First, take the banana leaves to “smoke”, that is, lightly pass them over the fire so that they remain flexible and do not split when wrapped.

Then the banana leaves are spread out and then a portion of cooked rice is placed; Place the Creole chicken on top of the rice with its dry sauce, peanuts, a slice of ripe banana and close the banana leaf like a papillote. Finally, it steams for 10 to 15 minutes and it will be ready to be served.

Butterfly Waterfall

represa La Esperanza

The waters of the waterfall are turquoise in color, which makes it the most outstanding attraction of the dam.

The La Esperanza dam is also known as the route of the waterfalls. The journey to the Mariposa waterfall has a distance of 9 kilometers, where the gentle swaying, the radiant sun and the feeling of the wind on your face make the journey a fascinating journey.

There you feel the energy of the water when your hands enter it, while the canoe enters slowly and nature reveals the hidden treasure that is in the Mariposa waterfall.

“Arriving at the place, you go up the short path and in a matter of minutes you are already captivated by the crystal clear and refreshing waters of the waterfall. The day is almost always sunny”, says Tedian José, a community member of the area.

More details of the attraction

  • Opening hours: The recreational area of ​​the La Esperanza dam is available to the public from Monday to Sunday at any time of the day for tourism. It can be accessed from Calceta, but stay in Manta or Portoviejo.
  • Admission: Admission to any of the attractions is free, although the boat ride is paid.
  • Climate: There is an average temperature of 25°C, since it is located in a subtropical rainy climate zone.



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