Ecuador has a great variety of ecosystems, climates with virgin and deserted beaches for the practice of adventure sports. One of those sites is Canoa.

For lovers of surfing and good food, the Canoa parish in the San Vicente canton, in the north of Manabí, is an excellent option. A diverse place to do tourism, travel, enjoy or rest with family and friends.

The stories of the place say that the natives of this area hid in the hills when they saw the invaders leaving their beautiful beach deserted, to later become a town that has a very active nightlife, with huts along the beach of white sands that house clubs and restaurants where local dishes and drinks are served until late at night.

Canoa is a favorite destination for tourism, alone, as a couple or with the family, to vacation, enjoy holidays or simply escape a few days from the routine and freely practice adventure sports such as paragliding or surfing and swimming in times of May to December.

As another resource for tourism in Canoa are the cliffs, with a rich fauna such as bats and blue-footed boobies. Ángel Gaibor, a tour guide, says that these caves are used by tourists at low tide in order to better appreciate their interior area.

“They have been very busy for years, with a pause in times of a pandemic. Today, little by little we are reactivating and I can say that on weekends, this icon of Manabí tourism is retelling its story on its own. Its beauty, from far away, captures attention”, says Gaibor.

Canoa turismo

Surfing and paragliding have become the sports in greatest demand by tourists in Canoa.

Ecological tourism

Canoa turismo

His 11 hectares of the Río Muchacho farm have been developed as a sustainable and sustainable farm.

Organic farm or ecotourism Rio Muchacho is one of the favorite attractions for those seeking an encounter with nature in Canoa. In the background, sustainable living moves, a non-polluting lifestyle with responsible practices in agriculture, tourism and health.

“Tourists like to be here, indulge themselves with a healthy meal that combines manabita seasoning and vegetables from the same farm. They have a green experience, without noise, but with a lot of adventure”, says Darío Proaño, representative of the Rio Muchacho park, located 14 kilometers from the Canoa parish.

The entrance to the site has a cost of $ 23 per person who can stay and tour the facilities of the attraction. In case of reservation call 0991365519.

Canoa turismo

From the top of the hills, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of the beach.

Ecotourism tours

Canoa turismo

Much of the horseback riding has an average journey of three, four to five hours.

Galloping through the golden sands of the Ecuadorian north coast has become a highly demanded tourism activity in Canoa.

Cabalgatas Canoa, British owned, offers a selection of various horseback rides to satisfy the desire of the tourist. This is what one of its spokespersons points out.

Whoever participates in the activity makes a three-hour journey. Applicants must be over five years of age. “Our horses form a super team, they share a pleasant moment along the shores of the Briceño or Canoa beach, at the Canoa Craft Brewery and through the jungle. The experience is unique, fun and safe”, he maintains.

The riding has about 16 horses available that suit beginners to advanced riders. He gives us more details of the tour, a symbol of tourism in Canoa.

  • Rainforest: Solo rider, three hours for $80 and five hours, $100. Two or more riders per group, three hours, $60; five hours, $80. Both packages are priced individually and include an additional hour on the beach.
  • Canoe Beach: Solo rider, $80 to Briceño, $100 to San Vicente. Two or more riders per group, $60 to Briceño, $80 to San Vicente. Packages with individual cost.
  • Craft Brewery: Solo rider, three hours for $60 and four hours for $75. Two or more riders per group, three hours for $50 and four hours for $65. Non-riders, $20 up to three people. The prices are per person and the horseback ride has access to one hour on the beach.
  • Field and beach: Solo rider, three hours for $70. Two or more riders per group, three hours for $60. The cost applies for each person.
  • Full day with barbecue: Solo rider, eight hours for $170 and five hours for $120. Two or more riders per group, eight hours for $150 and five hours for $100. Prices apply per person.
  • Río Muchacho: Single rider, from Canoe to Río Muchacho or vice versa $90. Two or more riders per group, from Canoe to Río Muchacho or viceversa, $ 70 per person. More details at 0991255789.
Canoa turismo

Cycling through some corners of Manabí is a practice that takes place every weekend.

It should be noted that for sightseeing in Canoa you can also rent bicycles in some stores, you can ride the Canoa - Briceño - San Vicente cycle path until you reach Bahía de Caráquez, cross the Los Caras bridge or visit the communities or towns near the parish. The tour can last almost a whole day and the cost is $10 per person.

Gastronomy manabita

Canoa turismo

Seafood rice is a typical Ecuadorian dish. It has an average value of $8 to $12.

The gastronomy on the Canoa beach is of great relevance in tourism and exquisite food that is very common in Manabí. Canoa offers a wide range of dishes with estimated prices ranging from $ 3 to $ 20.

Rosa Alvarado has dedicated 15 years of her life offering typical seafood-based dishes, accompanied with roasted greens and brown salt. “As all good things flowed, we delighted in fish, shrimp and others. You cannot miss the good dish with rice and salad, those are true delicacies”, he points out.

Canoa turismo

Currently there are 12 different beers to taste with flavors of honey, chocolate, coffee and others.

Another of the manabita delicacies are coconut juice or fruit shakes, alfajores sweets and the most outstanding dish is the manabita tonga. While, near the Canoa River, a Berkkingo presents its beer culture.

“We have a variety for lovers of reds and reds with a range of different flavors, well chilled to quench your thirst,” says Oswaldo Cuero, a tourism expert in Canoa.

Crafts made with tagua

Canoa turismo

Tagua figures are made in various sizes. The artisans acquire this ivory already processed.

At least half an hour from Bahía de Caráquez is Canoa, a corner where you can find various craft shops and excellent service for tourism.

There, the artisan colors expose the creativity and talent of the hands where the tagua is the raw material, as stated by Ángel Montaño, an artisan from Loja who has lived in the coastal parish for 21 years.

“We have a legend that says that whoever bathes in the Canoa River stays in Canoa. It must be true because I only came for a walk and I ended up staying”, expresses the artisan, who has a stall on the shores of Canoa beach where he makes and offers tourists handicrafts that are innovated according to trends and have a cost of $ 1 to $25.

He comments that in the beginning he dedicated himself to creating very native handicrafts from the Ecuadorian highlands to later vary and create coastal-style designs. “I had to learn, to get used to making beach outfits, landscape boxes, bracelets and detailed arts with the client's name. The most requested are the key chains and purses with the phrase 'I love Canoa', both at a price of $3”, details Montaño,  a tourism server in Canoa.

Quality hosting

Canoa turismo

Cabins, chairs and beds made of bamboo cane embellish the lodgings in the Canoa parish.

What more could a tourist ask for when staying or arriving for a temporary walk in a hotel surrounded by trees and near the sea; take walks or bonfires on the shores of Canoa beach, appreciate the sunset or savor exquisite dishes made of seafood very typical of the coastal zone.

“Our hotels are visited by all kinds of tourists. We are the first hotel, bar and restaurant in Canoa with a natural and familiar atmosphere. Those who arrive leave and return in love with the exclusivity, since we are at the foot of the beach with a beautiful view of the sea and the Canoa River”, indicates Édison Paz, owner of the Hotel Bambú, in front of the Malecón de Canoa.

Édison says that the Bambú de Canoa hotel has become a favorite among tourists for being a country-style lodging with large, furnished tents and private cabins with balconies. It offers kayak rental, an ecological gym, a small bookstore, board games, yoga classes or a massage.

“We have worked to seal unforgettable experiences, which is why in seasons with more tourist influx we organize art and music festivals. This and much more can be enjoyed for a value of $ 65 a night per person”, he points out. More details at 0984110020 (I)

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