Al complejo comunitario de San Vicente llegan turistas de varias localidades del país, quienes quedan agradecidos por la sanación que reciben.

The thermal baths of San Vicente, in the Santa Elena canton, are a great family attraction. They are synonymous with health, well-being, a place where families or friends connect with the land and water. They immerse themselves in the mineralized water and the medicinal mud and feel benefits for their health, which for some is a miraculous effect.

The main attraction is a natural thermal pool, in addition to the so-called mud crater. The thermal baths of San Vicente have been known since ancient times by the aborigines and later by the colonizers. They have been the subject of multiple analyzes by renowned doctors and specialists who recommend the effects of these thermal baths and the mud produced by the “little volcano”.

Miraculous hot springs


The thermal water pool can be accessed by people of any age, since they are not deep.

Fulton Ramírez, representative of the tourist complex, reports that the official name of the site is Telesforo Villacres in homage to the businessman from Guayaquil who in 1922 began to explore the medicinal qualities of the site and would later take advantage of it to alleviate the ills of some visitors who came to San vincent.

Ramírez comments that inside the four pools rest stones that are part of their underground hot springs. From the center springs the water that is believed to have medicinal benefits and is distributed in the pool so that it serves as a therapy for joint and muscle pain and injuries.

"The thermal water that emerges by steam pressure reaches temperatures between 32 and 43 degrees Celsius and carries different minerals that are very beneficial for health, especially for older adults who are the ones who feel the most pain at their age," he says. 

Ángela Coello, 80 years old, affirms that she frequently visits San Vicente for her improvement in her nervous system and for the mental relaxation she feels. "My digestive system has improved a lot," says the elderly woman, who adds that she arrives at the attraction on the last Saturday of each month and spends 15 minutes in the pool; With this therapy, he assures that his health has improved.

Volcanic mud pool

Baños San Vicente_1

Tourists apply volcanic mud to themselves; some inside the pool others on its shores to sunbathe.

Those who come to the thermal baths of San Vicente not only get an experience with the mineralized waters, but also with the volcanic mud made up of natural minerals such as chlorine, iodine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum and silica.

This mud rests in an open pool at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius and with it the whole body can be covered in order to absorb all the components existing in the earth.

Rosa Parra, therapist of the complex, maintains that the particularity of absorbing these minerals in the body is that they are applied reactivated by being at temperatures of up to 40 degrees.

“Tourists can apply a volcanic medicinal mud in the open air with their own hands with all the mud you want. In the case of personalized attention, I make myself available to make them a mud or aloe mass with more caution”, he mentions.

Rosa considers that the mud reduces inflammation and purifies the skin, while the aloe vera hydrates and moisturizes. Added to this are candle treatments, as well as body relaxation therapies that little by little have turned San Vicente into the cradle of various recreations.


  • To enter the complex, the entrance fee is $ 3 for adults and $ 1.50 for children and the elderly.
  • In the case of a personalized massage with aloe vera or medicinal mud, the cost is $10.

Office hours

Available from Monday to Sunday and holidays from 08:00 to 17:00. Interested persons are recommended to remain submerged for three hours for the treatment to take effect.


It is located at kilometer 104 of the Guayaquil-Santa Elena highway.

Take the detour to San Pablo and 5 kilometers away is the entrance to the thermal baths of San Vicente. There is visible signage for those who go for the first time. (I)


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