Each tomb in the Guayaquil Heritage Cemetery, where there are four tourist routes, is a sample of art and moves visitors. Photo Turisec

In the upper part of door 3 of the Guayaquil Heritage Cemetery there is a phrase: Hope towards the new life. And when crossing that gate, the visitor perceives how those buried there have life, an eternal life. His remains rest in a place of peace, art, culture, architecture and inspiration. It is an ideal space for tourism.

This November 2, All Souls' Day, the cemetery is a center of remembrance, prayers, arrangement of graves, a reunion between the living and the dead. But in that patrimonial area of ​​Guayaquil, in addition to family members, there is tourism. Tourism not only for that date but for the whole year. This year, for example, visitors are expected between November 3 and 6, during the holiday.

There are symbolic statues, works of art built even by world famous artists, in marble, bronze and other materials.

Tourist routes in the pantheon

The area for sightseeing in the Guayaquil Heritage Cemetery is located at gate 3. There are the oldest tombs and funerary mausoleums, others with sculptures made by world famous artists. It is an encounter with art, beauty, immortality. It is an ideal space for tourism.

The cemetery is divided into four routes. That of Writers and Artists, that of Fine Arts, that of Presidents and Heroes.

Parcíbal Castro, urban architect and historian, says that going to the patrimonial area of ​​the cemetery is an encounter with culture and highlights that the Municipality has provided guides to guide visitors.

The architecture and art of the tombs is impressive. The marble of the statues and carved figures shines in the sun. An angel rests dejectedly on the family tomb of Agustín Costa, while in the tomb of the Lizardo García family there is a marble figure of a woman with a beautiful carving.

Further on is the Demetrio Pino mausoleum built between 1890 and 1899 with two columns covered in marble.

Epitafio colocado en la fachada sur del monumento que evoca la tristeza.

Epitaph placed on the south façade of the monument that evokes Vicente Rocafuerte and highlights his virtues.

On the route of the presidents there are 15 Guayaquil leaders who governed Ecuador and rest in the Patrimonial Cemetery of Guayaquil, a tourism center.

Vicente Rocafuerte is at the head of the gate 3 area. His statue, made of bronze and 2.20 meters high, remains on the pedestal on which there is a female figure made of concrete and painted green bronze.

The epitaph on his tomb says: "Your relics Vicente Rocafuerte, here he kept death, but your name remains for the glory of the American world and for an example of civic virtues, your memory."

Turismo en cementerio Patrimonial Guayaquil

The sculpture called Angel's Kiss dedicated by her father to Celeste Graciela Castillo.

Parental and partner love

Following the route on the route of writers and artists is the grave of Ismael Pérez Pazmiño, independent journalist and founder of Diario El Universo, next to his grave is his wife who dedicated a poem to him.

Another tomb reveals parental love. ¨She lived adored, she died dreaming¨, says the tombstone where Celeste Graciela Castillo rests, daughter of an important    communicator from Guyaquil who, upon her death, hired the Italian sculptor Enrico Pacciani to create a true work of art.

It is about an angel who kisses the young woman as a presence of light at the end of earthly life. This has different perspectives at every angle you look at it.

Lender Torres, cultural manager, researcher and specialist in tourism and who created the routes of the Guayaquil Heritage Cemetery, explains that each detail of the sculpture demonstrates a unique work.

The oldest grave

Atractivos de barrios tradicionales de Quito

This is the oldest tomb and is loved by visitors, who leave sweets and toys for the girl buried there.

The grave of a girl who was born in 1830 and died in 1831 is located in the oldest block of the cemetery. People who visit the cemetery leave sweets on her grave as a gift.

Lender Torres highlights a text written by the mother on the tombstone, in which she asks never to remove the remains. Part of the text dedicated to Juan Rosa Julia Correa y Pareja says that everyone who saw her loved her.

"Mr. Juan Francisco Icaza gave her this sepulcher over which her inconsolable parents wept; those of you who know what paternal love is, pity my pain, I beg you not to remove her beloved ashes", quotes the moving letter of the mother . This is a space for sightseeing in the Guayaquil Heritage Cemetery, a tourism center. (I)

Atractivos de barrios tradicionales de Quito

Lender Torres, cultural manager, researcher and specialist in orange tourism, created the cemetery routes.

The four routes of the Guayaquil Heritage Cemetery

Route of the Heroes

  • José Joaquín de Olmedo
  • Rafael de la Cruz Ximena
  • Francisco María Claudio Roca y Rodríguez
  • Juan Illingworth Hunt
  • José de Villamil y Joly
  • Diego Noboa y Arteta
  • Francisco de Marcos y Crespo
  • Luis Fernando Vivero y Toledo

Fine Arts Route

  • Manuel y Vicente Sotomayor Luna
  • José Domingo de Santistevan
  • Familia Avilés Boloña
  • Mariano González Alonso
  • María Yza de Musse
  • Familia Quiros
  • Tomás Gastelú
  • Julián Coronel
  • José María Aspiazu
  • Pedro Aspiazu
  • Lautaro Aspiazu
  • María Valenzuela Valverde
  • Efr+en Aspiazu
  • Judge Marengo
  • Josefa Avilés y Avilés
  • Agustín Costa
  • Demetrio Pino
  • Manuel de J. Cobos
  • Familia Dassum Brusa
  • Familia Tous Febres Cordero
  • Celeste Graciela Castillo
  • Leonardo Bello
  • Familia Ayluardo Calderón
  • Familia Fernández Madrids
  • José Vicente del Campo
  • Albert CM de Fisigni
  • Familia Luque Plata
  • Carmen García de Caamaño
  • Nicolás Molra y Familia
  • Tomás P. Carbo
  • Carmen Santistevan de Robles
  • Enrique Rohde
  • Emilio Bustamante Mora
  • Familia Icaza Noboa
  • Rafaela M. de Robles
  • George Chambers
  • Familia Mendoza
  • Lorenzo Ponce
  • José G. Peña
  • Gerolamo Costa
  • Juan Maldonado
  • Guillermo Rodhe Ortiz
  • Juan Bautista Bonnin
  • Bernardo Franco Martín
  • Familia Dillon Valdez
  • Luis Vernaza
  • Benjamín Dreher
  • Víctor Emilio Estrada

Route of the Presidents

  • Clemente Yerovi Indaburu
  • Francisco Robles
  • Emilio Estrada Carmona
  • Lizardo García
  • Diego Noboa y Arteta
  • Vicente Rocafuerte
  • José María Mariano / Segundo de Urbina y Viteri
  • Eloy Alfaro Delgado
  • Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno
  • José Luis Tamayo Terán
  • Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Río
  • Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola / Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy
  • Juan de Dios Martínez Mera
  • Jaime Roldós Aguilera
Turismo en cementerio Patrimonial Guayaquil

Route of Writers and Artists

  • Francisco Campos Coello
  • Mercedes González de Moscoso
  • Ismael Pérez Pazmiño
  • Enrique Gil Bilbert / Alba Calderón de Gil
  • Medardo Ángel Silva
  • Abel Romeo Castillo
  • Jorge Pérez Concha
  • José Antonio Campos
  • José de la Cuadra y Vargas
  • Numa Pompilio Llona y Echaverri
  • Juan Montalvo
  • Dolores Sucre y Lavayen
  • Ana Villamil Icaza
  • Pedro Carbo Noboa
  • José Joaquín de Olmedo Maruri
  • Aurora Estrada y Ayala
  • Joaquín Gallegos Lara
  • Julio Estrada Icaza
  • Enrico Pacciani Fornari
  • Adolfo H. Simmonds
  • Julio Jaramillo Laurido
  • Cuerpo de Bóvedas de la Sociedad de Escritores, Autores y Compositores de Guayaquil.

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